Dear Berks County Residents,

When I took office as your Recorder of Deeds in 2008, the office was fraught with problems. Not only did it have a reputation for poor service, but there was also an air of suspicion hanging over it with the former Recorder being investigated for embezzlement within the office. Under my tenure, however, I helped convict the former Recorder and have transformed the office into a model for other counties and one of the most efficient in the Country. In addition to reducing annual expenses by more than $2 million per year (while still turning over a surplus to the County each year), I am also proud to have accomplished the following:

  • Made all documents recorded in Berks since 1752 available online in a fully searchable retrieval system with secured off site backup
  • Implemented electronic recording to greatly reduce the time spent to record each document, end unnecessary paper shuffling, and allow documents to be recorded within minutes of submission
  • Over time, reduced the staff level through attrition from 24 to 9, providing a huge cost savings in salary and benefits to the taxpayers
  • Instituted a Veteran’s ID Card program in conjunction with the Recorder of Deed’s role in maintaining records on veteran discharges
  • Implemented procedures to cut costs in other County Departments, such as Agricultural Land Preservation, Assessment/Mapping and the Planning Commission

Most politicians seem to forget that taxpapers are essentially paying customers, and as such deserve good customer service. They run for office and promise to cut government spending and serve their “customers,” but very few deliver on those promises.  As your Recorder of Deeds, I have shown that I can deliver; and I am committed to continuing to make the Recorder’s Office one that efficiently serves our taxpayers and Berks County.